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Elephant Grass

These majestic baskets are hand-made by the Widows Weaving Cooperative, whose 75 weavers are a part of the Fra Fra tribe in northern Ghana. They are impoverished, lack basic education and inhabit a region of Africa lacking rainfall for farming to sustain themselves. By directly paying them a fair price for their work, the widows are able to feed, clothe and educate their children. The baskets are made of durable elephant grass, a locally grown straw that maintains it’s durability over time. It is the unique nature of this material that allows the baskets to be shipped squashed and then reformed by submerging them in water without the straw cracking or breaking. 10% of the profits go to Lotus Village Project, a nonprofit organization providing education, malaria prevention, famine relief, and assistance to the handicapped and orphaned in remote rural villages in West Africa.


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